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Shampoo Patrol

Household allergens such as dust mites, moulds, seeds and pollens can irrigate you dogs skin.

We cant reduce the exposure to all of these but we can reduce there risk by regularly washing our dogs. The problem with a lot of shampoos is they make matters worse.

We sell only top quality Australian naturally based pet care products shampoos, conditioners, colognes, detanglers and flea and tick kill products that have been carefully created using:

Natural refined oils.

Herbal extracts.

Pesticides of natural origins.

PH balanced for animals sensitive skin, soap free, bio degradable and environmentally responsible.

All our product are Australian made. From Petway pet care and Dr Zoo

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Car Safety

By ensuring your furry friend is safe and secure you will help make the trip safer and more comfortable for everyone in the car.

Dogs are often the forgotten family member when it comes to car safety – with tragic consequences for all. At 40km/h , an airborne dog can develop projection forces equaling 40 times its weight. For example, a German Shepherd weighing 35 kilos can impact with a force of 1,400 kilos -ouch!  

The "Step-In" style harness from Australian company Black Dog Wear is extremely easy to fit, fully adjustable, comfortable and strong. Can be used for walking - particularly useful for dogs with neck, or throat issues.  Can be used in a car to restrict a dog moving around and becomming a distraction to the driver.When combined with Black Dog's Car Strap (sold separately), the Dog Harness will hold a dog steady even under emergency braking from a high speed, but it is NOT INTENDED as a dog's "safety belt", as most harnesses will fail under the extreme forces generated in a car crash.

What should I feed my Rabbit?

Providing grass or grass hay to pet rabbits is critical to maintain health. Eating grass/grass hay provides for long periods of chewing which is necessary to wear down their continuously erupting and growing teeth thereby helping to prevent dental disease (which is a common health problem in pet rabbits). Rabbits are also intelligent animals and chewing on grass or grass hay helps to keep them occupied and prevent boredom.

The high fibre content of grass and grass hay is also crucial for normal digestion. If the diet is too low in fibre, fatal digestive problems can occur - another common problem in pet rabbits.  Feeding the right diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy rabbit.

Bad News Foods

Why not chocolate,its Yummy ?





Chocolate contains theobromine a natural  stimulant found in the cocoa bean. It increases urination and affects the central nervous system and the heart muscle of dogs.

If you dog has eaten a toxic dose of chocolate look for vomiting, diarrhoea or hyperactivity. More severe symptoms include an increase in the dog's heart rate, restlessness, muscle twitching and excessive panting. The results of too much chocolate may also cause muscle tremors, seizures, coma and even death.

If you think your pet has eaten chocolate (even a small amount) you should contact your local vet as soon as possible for advice.

Alcoholic beverages can cause the same damage to an animal's liver and brain as they cause in humans. The smaller the animal, the more deadly the effects can be.

Walnuts and macadamia nuts are especially toxic. Effects can be anything from vomiting to paralysis to death. The effect can cause kidney failure, often leading to death.

 They contain a toxic component called persin, which can damage heart, lung and other tissue in many animals. This fruit is very toxic to dogs, cats and most animals.  

Anything containing Xylitol (a common sweetener found in some diet products) can cause a sudden drop in an animal's blood sugar, loss of coordination and seizures. If left untreated, the animal could die.